Greta, Rebeca, Milo et al: Young people leading climate emergency change

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Food Security in a Changing Climate

Food Security in a Changing Climate: This video is a reminder of the threat posed to our climate, our water, our oceans and our agriculture by oil and gas exploration and production. In the video Anne Daw, agricultural advocate and member of the Round Table on Oil and Gas SA, Anne Poelina, Nyikina Traditional Custodian and Master of Tropical Medicine Notre Dame University, DEA's Graeme McLeay, and Peter Owen, Wilderness Society SA Director point to the impacts of fossil fuels on food security in our region.

AGM 2018 Proceedings

Proceedings of the 2018 AGM.

Narrabri Coal Seam Gas and Public Health Conference

On 15-16th August 2018 DEA members from NSW (Dr John Van Der Kallen and Dr Helen Redmond) and Qld (Dr Geralyn McCarron and Professor Melissa Haswell) travelled to the north-west inland town of Narrabri to attend and speak at a Coal Seam Gas and Public Health Conference organised and chaired by North West Protection Advocacy. Narrabri Shire is the site of the Narrabri Gas Project of Santos, an 850 well coal seam gas field in the final stages of approval. Helen, Geralyn and Melissa all spoke at the conference, together with Shay Dougall and Dr Methuen Morgan. The audience included local townsfolk, farmers from surrounding regions and members of the Kamilaroi people. 

Environmental Sustainability & Healthcare: What do Health Professionals Need to Know?

Every doctor needs to view this superb presentation by Katherine Barraclough at ANZ Association for Health Professional Educators. It details why environmental sustainability is core business for health professionals and an essential part of health education.

The impact of unconventional gas on the human right to health

Dr Geralyn McCarron, a Brisbane GP, has spent more than five years living in the gas fields of Australia.

This experience has led Dr McCarron to provide testimony both nationally and internationally regarding the health impacts of the gas industry and most recently authoring and publishing a peer reviewed paper.  

Townsville forum: Doctors and nurses speak out on the health effects of Adani’s coalmine

 Organised by members of Doctors for the Environment Australia, this public forum held at James Cook University in Townsville involved doctors, nurses and farmers speaking out on the impacts of the Adani Carmichael mine on health.

What can I do for the Environment? By Dr Helen Redmond

In the first of a two-part video, Dr Helen Redmond, Rehabilitation Physician, introduces Doctors for the Environment Australia- who we are, what we do and why we do it.

Do We Need Carbon For Transport?

DEA Member Dr Bryan Furnass examines energy sources for transport across the ages, and considers a largely unexplored option: anhydrous ammonia or NH3.

Read more here: Do we need carbon for transport?

Climate Change (natural & ‘unnatural’) … Past and Future Risks to Health

A medical school lecture delivered in September 2012 by Professor Tony McMichael, National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health, The Australian National University, Canberra, Australia.

From Anthropocene to ‘Sustainocene’ – Bryan Furnass

This presentation was delivered to the ANU Emeritus Faculty on 21 March 2012.   Please click on the links to both the powerpoint file and the accompanying text (as pdf).

The Psychological Impacts of Climate Change

This article is based upon an important new report on The Psychological effects of global warming in the United States. The report will be put in the context of previous work in Australia including that by Doctors for the Environment Australia.

DEA at Gas Forum in Sydney – Dr Helen Redmond

DEA was represented at this Coal Seam Gas Community forum by Dr Helen Redmond who speaks around 0:42s.  The meeting addressed concerns over gas extraction in the Sydney Basin.

Dr Helen Redmond on Health and Coal Seam Gas Extraction

Dr Helen Redmond – Doctors for the Environment – who talks about the impacts of coal-seam gas water contaminants and the impacts on human health. 

Dr Helen Redmond – Doctors for the Environment from LockTheGate on Vimeo.

Code Green Video

Most people now know that climate change is a serious issue, and have some understanding of the effects that it will wreak. Few, however, are aware of the extraordinary impacts that climate change will have specifically on health.
Watch on YouTube.

Slideshow – The Science & Health Impacts of Climate Change

As many of our medical colleagues are unaware of the health impacts of climate change DEA has developed a set of slides which you can use to present to your peers. This PowerPoint presentation covers basic climate science and the health impacts of climate change and uses a medical analogy to put the case for urgent action. (The download link is on the right of screen).

When We Die-a case for easier deaths and natural burials

Not many lectures are a work of art. This one is, in more ways than one. Bryan Furnass, DEA Member, welds ecological and medical knowledge, using Western art and literature, to create a masterpiece. When you read it you will both learn and enjoy the experience. Don’t miss it!

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